Abundant Life Church in Watertown, South Dakota was founded in 2014.  It is an extension of the Seeds of Grace ministry, an inner healing and conference ministry to churches in the US and Germany  that was founded by Mark and Charleen Weismantel in 2008.

The roots of Abundant life lie in the Engedi Fellowship, a small group that sprang up in Watertown as a result of the gospel seeds planted by Seeds of Grace. Mark and Charleen felt the call of God in 2014 to move beyond the small group setting and to establish a larger community of believers that would meet on Sunday mornings.  This community of believers is now Abundant Life Church. We are a fellowship that desires to move beyond religion into a deeper relationship with Jesus and deeper revelation of his Gospel.  As a group, we continue to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit and our Vision and Mission continues to evolve.  We welcome those called by the Spirit to join us in continuing to refine our vision.

We are currently meeting at 9:30 AM Sunday mornings at the Guest House in Watertown, SD (101 N. Broadway).  You’ll find that we don’t feel much like traditional “church,” and we don’t seek to.  We are more spiritual than we are religious, and we seek to avoid all the trappings of religion wherever possible.  Rather than being “a church,” we seek to be part of “The Church” of Jesus Christ, where each person is valued for their individuality.  Consequently, we honor our individual differences as well as valuing our relationships with one another.  We seek to be a safe place, where judgment, condemnation and guilt are not used to manipulate, no matter where you are in your spiritual journey.  We continually seek to be a “church without the religion.”

When you come to Abundant Life, don’t expect the typical trappings of “church.”  No big impressive (and expensive) building, no choreographed music and worship service, no robes and candles, not even any paid staff, no haute couture fashions, no membership classes and requirements, and no pressure to give money or to lead or teach various programs.  Just a group of people that want to love one another, find a deeper spiritual life, and live life freely, joyfully, and fully.  And, come expecting to hear the Gospel taught in a way that may at first be unsettling, but that will become the key to the abundant life that you long for.

If it sounds good to you, check out our Vision and Mission and our We Believe pages, or better yet, give us a call at 605-480-0476, or even better yet, stop by at 9:30 on Sunday morning and check us out.  We’d love to meet you.